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What’s Sanmover® Shuttle Pallet?


Sanmover® Shuttle Pallet is Semi-automated storage solution for lane-based storage, which combined Drive-in, Pushback, and Live Storage systems in one.

The Shuttle Pallet is remotely controlled by user and can be transferred from one storage lane to another by forklift operator.

It moves goods independently through the lane manually or automatically, optimizing storage, loading, and unloading spaces.

Sanmover® Shuttle Pallet maximizes warehouse space eliminating aisles between pallets with a greater turnover rate. It provides high density storage and increases operational efficiency.


  • Minimum space Maximum Storage capacity
  • It can work either as LIFO or as FIFO storing system, which are efficient alternative to Flow Racking, Pushback, and Drive-in Racking systems
  • No risk of damage to the handling equipment or racks
  • Eliminates the need for specialist forklift trucks
  • Reduces number of forklifts and forklift operators, and reduces operating cost
  • Works at -30°C / +50°C temperature environment at the same time
  • It is able to store pallets with 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm depth
  • High operating Speed
  • Maximum carrying capacity 1500kg

Features the key

Features of Sanmover® Shuttle Pallet

Features of Sanmover® Shuttle Pallet

Length : 1150mm
Width : 975mm
Height : 175mm
Device weight : 320kg
Device Noice Level : ≤ 80db
Pallet Lift Height : +40mm

Stored Pallet dimensions

Width : 1200mm
Depth : 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
Load weight : 1500kg
Pallet Quality : Europalet Quality Standard

Performance Information The smartest

Maximum Capacity : 1500 kg
Pallet size: 800 / 100 / 1200mm x 1200mm
Standart space between pallets : 50mm (adjustable)
Speed without load : 75m / min
Speed with load : 60m / min
Lifting speed : 4 sec

Company Profile SANMOVER®

Company Mission

With skilled, knowledgeable and professional R&D team, our mission is to develop high-quality solutions that positively impact our customer’s success and profitability

About Us

Sanmover ® Industrial technology Company has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing semi-automated storage solutions since 2010. During this period Sanmover ® gained many “firsts” in the industry and now introducing Sanmover ® Radio-Shuttle Pallet device to potential customers all over the world.

Company Vision

If our product provided improve workflow efficiency and reduce operations cost through time savings and reduction of user error to the customer, this is our most important Success!

Sanmover® Shuttle Pallet

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