Sanmover Rack And Storage System

Back To Back Racking System


  • Each palette can be reached at any time.
  • Beam intervals can be adjusted and used for desired measurements.
  • Manufactured suitable to European standards.
  • Since Back-to Back Racking  Systems are modular, warehouse can be used in the most efficient way.
  • Easy to carry and dismountable racking systems.
  • Can be used in logistics, automotive, food, construction and any industry requiring warehousing.
  • Suitable for barcoding system.
  • It has number of advantages such as, direct accesing all pallets at once, enabling free space at the warehouse, opportunity to use manual or automatic stacking equipments, flexibility at the height and width of the loading units.
  • It is the most frequent used pallet racking systems. In a beam between two bay’s, several pallets can be stored side by side.
  • Beam heights can be easily modified. This feature provides flexibility to adjust height of the palletised products to be stacked.

Rack Clad Building System


  • It eliminates roof and exterior siding needs and allows you to have a construction free racking system.
  • Building construction is not necessary in advance with Rack Clad Building System
  • To prevent loss of space, racks can be placed at the desired height, which provides maximum advantage from the space
  • It can easily be moved to another place and can be assembled
  • Rack Clad Buildings can be delivered as turn key

Company Profile SANMOVER®

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Our mission is to develop high-quality solutions that positively impact our customer’s success and profitability with skilled, knowledgeable and professional team.

About Us

Sanmover ® Industrial Technology Company has been offering industrial racking systems and semi-automated storage solutions since 2010. During this period as an international trade company Sanmover ® has successfully completed many special projects in the industry.

Company Vision

If our products help to increase workflow efficiency and reduce operating costs by saving time with reducing user errors, this is our most important success!

Features the key

Features of Sanmover® Rack Clad System

Features of Sanmover® Rack Clad System

Offers a price advantage from 18% to 30%

The system designed as railed and VNA is used as a main carrier between the modules, which has faster, cheaper and fully automatic storage.


Offers a price advantage from 18% to 30%.